Suga Cookie How You Get So Fly?

Sometimes, I like to branch out and do something wild and crazy like bake something that doesn’t involve chocolate (Full disclosure: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a chocolate fiend. If I only baked for myself, it would be all chocolate all the time). Fortunately for my family and friends (and my health), I like to bake for the common good and a few weeks ago that resulted in these admittedly delicious Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars by Lauren’s Latest. They basically consist of sugar, topped with sugar, and decorated with rainbow sugar.

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Pool Full of Frosting, Then You Dive In

For me, buttercream frosting is one of the little things that makes life worth living. Butter, sugar, cream, and vanilla extract combine to make something magical. It might sound ridiculous but this frosting is so tasty and so fun, and it really allows me to be creative in my baking endeavors. Although this recipe is for plain vanilla buttercream (incredible as is), there are infinite ways you can put your own special touch on this frosting. In the past I’ve flavored it with Oreos, Nutella, and peanut butter (photo below). You can also use flavored extracts to make it almost any other flavor you choose (some of my futureĀ plans include peppermint extract).

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting - Started from the Batter

Another thing I love about this frosting is that itĀ holds its shape really nicely, making it perfect for adventurous piping and decorating. You don’t even need to be a skilled baker to master this recipe, and once you do, just imagine all of the possibilities!

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All Black (and White) Everything

Finally, my first real post! I didn’t have time to bake for a while but last week I made a few things, so now I have the posts lined up and ready to go. First up….


Black and white cookies are one of those staple desserts that I’ve grown up with, present in every deli, bagel store, and bakery, and at every bar mitzvah, oneg, and shiva (you know it’s true), yet they were never a favorite dessert of mine. I think because they were always there, I usually passed them up for something else. Then about 8 months ago I was on Pinterest and came across this recipe for homemade black and white cookies. Upon clicking the link, I was shocked to find out that black and white cookies are a “New York thing.” Michelle, of the Brown Eyed Baker blog, described them as “synonymous with New York City bakeries.” In the comments section I found people talking about how they always look forward to black and white cookies when they’re in New York, they make relatives in New York bring them black and white cookies when they visit, and the thing they miss most since moving away from New York is black and white cookies. There were even a handful of people who had never seen or heard of black and white cookies before. My mind was BLOWN. To think, I had been taking these delicious cookies for granted all my life! Continue reading