It’s Not Even My Birthday…


This rainbow cake is something I saw on Pinterest that I knew I had to make RIGHT AWAY. My general rule is that I only bake when I have some place to bring/serve my creation, otherwise I end up with an entire cake/batch of cupcakes/cookies sitting on my kitchen counter and I resist the urge to eat it all myself. Luckily I had an occasion to bake this only a few days after I saw it, because I don’t think I could have held out much longer.


While I usually choose to bake things based on how delicious they sound, I was drawn to this recipe because this cake just looks like so much FUN. The top of the cake is covered in pretty Golden Oreos and rainbow sprinkles, and then you cut it open and SURPRISE, TIE DYED CAKE! I’ve also been seeing recipes for poke cakes for a while now and I had been itching to try one. Poke cakes can be made with any combination of cake/liquid/frosting flavors. The general rule is that you bake a cake, poke holes in the top of it, and pour a liquid over it. The liquid seeps in and makes the cake extra moist and tastey. So obviously, this rainbow poke cake was calling my name. Continue reading

Popsicle, Lock & Drop It


At first I thought I didn’t have much of a story for this recipe, but then I remembered what happened the first time I made these yummy margarita popsicles. It was a hot summer day, and after spending an hour hand-juicing some limes, I went outside to relax by the pool. Fast forward two days and I woke up with red splotchy spots all over both of my hands. At first I thought it was a sunburn because it looked and felt exactly like one, but I did think it seemed unlikely that I would’ve only gotten burnt on my hands. The next day, the splotchy spots had become raised and bumpy, and I will spare you the rest of the graphic details but just imagine that it got progressively worse. After a trip to the dermatologist I found out that I had phytophotodermatitis, also known as “lime disease” or “margarita dermatitis” (thanks Wikipedia). Apparently there’s a reaction caused by lime juice and a few other substances that makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light, and essentially causes chemical burns (thanks again, Wikipedia). There’s not much you can do for it except apply steroid cream and wait for it to go away on its own. Luckily what I had wasn’t that bad, but it still took about 6-8 months before my hands looked totally normal again. So, heed my warning and be very careful, wash your hands, or just do not go out in the sun after making these! And now, on to the pops. Continue reading

All Black (and White) Everything

Finally, my first real post! I didn’t have time to bake for a while but last week I made a few things, so now I have the posts lined up and ready to go. First up….


Black and white cookies are one of those staple desserts that I’ve grown up with, present in every deli, bagel store, and bakery, and at every bar mitzvah, oneg, and shiva (you know it’s true), yet they were never a favorite dessert of mine. I think because they were always there, I usually passed them up for something else. Then about 8 months ago I was on Pinterest and came across this recipe for homemade black and white cookies. Upon clicking the link, I was shocked to find out that black and white cookies are a “New York thing.” Michelle, of the Brown Eyed Baker blog, described them as “synonymous with New York City bakeries.” In the comments section I found people talking about how they always look forward to black and white cookies when they’re in New York, they make relatives in New York bring them black and white cookies when they visit, and the thing they miss most since moving away from New York is black and white cookies. There were even a handful of people who had never seen or heard of black and white cookies before. My mind was BLOWN. To think, I had been taking these delicious cookies for granted all my life! Continue reading