Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

Caution: For serious Peanut Butter Lovers only! These cookies look pretty innocent at first glance, don’t they?

Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cookies - Started From The Batter

But beware, unsuspecting cookie eaters, because these Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cookies pack a serious peanut butter punch. I’ll be honest, I know these cookies are not the most impressive looking on the outside, but haven’t you learned that it’s what’s on the inside that counts? Don’t judge a book by its cover? First impressions aren’t everything? Come on, just the name of the cookies should be enough to convince you! Did you read it correctly? PEANUT. BUTTER. STUFFED. CHOCOLATE. COOKIES. Well, if you’re still not convinced, maybe this will do it:

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Haman’s Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate

Esther’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off! So Taylor Swift is not exactly a rapper but this pun was too good to pass up. Also, I’m shocked that this parody has not been made yet (Maccabeats??). Just to keep my credibility in check, here’s a Kendrick Lamar/Shake It Off mash-up:

Anyway, for those of you who are really confused right now, Haman and Esther are people from the story of Purim, a Jewish holiday coming up on March 4th. If you want to read up on the story of Purim you can Google it and do that on your own time, but just for some context: Esther, a beautiful Jewish woman, was the Queen of Persia, and Haman, an evil Jew-hater, was the king’s royal adviser. Long story short, Haman wanted all of the Jews dead, Esther foiled Haman’s plot, Haman was hanged, all of the Jews survived, and here we are today.

Samoa Hamantaschen - Started From The Batter

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I’m In Love With the Cocoa

What do you do when you hear that there’s a blizzard coming? If you’re a bake-aholic like me, you immediately check your kitchen for the only things that matter – butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. So when I heard that a “historic” blizzard would be hitting New York earlier this week, that’s exactly what I did. The blizzard ended up falling quite short of historic proportions, but I was thankful to have the day off on Tuesday to bake these amazing chocolate sugar cookies that I’ve been dying to make for weeks. Unlike the blizzard, the cookies met and exceeded my expectations!

Chocolate Sugar Cookies - Started from the Batter

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Yeah I Like to Bake, I Got a Baking Problem

Rich chocolate cake, creamy graham cracker frosting, and perfectly toasted marshmallows… I had a dream about this cake the other night. It was a week after the last slice of cake was finished and the plate was licked clean, and I had a dream about it. It was like one of those commercials where someone raises the fork to their mouth and takes a bite in slow motion, with their eyes closed, savoring every crumb. I’m not even ashamed to tell you, because that’s how good this cake was.

S'mores Cake - Started From The Batter

In addition to the fact that this s’mores cake was INCREDIBLE, I’m proud to say that it’s the first time I’ve (partially) made up a recipe myself. The chocolate cake recipe comes from Sally’s Baking Addiction’s Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe but the graham cracker frosting is an invention of my own, based on the Food Network’s vanilla buttercream frosting recipe that I posted last week. I personally love anything s’mores, especially because of the graham cracker flavor. One day I had an epiphany – if I can make Oreo frosting with Oreo crumbs, why couldn’t I make graham cracker frosting with graham cracker crumbs? So that’s exactly what I did, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Combined with a layer of toasted marshmallows in the center and on top, this S’mores Cake is just heavenly. Continue reading

All My Cookies Look Rich as F*ck

These Chocolate Fluffernutter cookies are goooooood. Chocolate, marshmallow, and peanut butter – what could be bad?

Chocolate Fluffernutter Cookies - STARTED FROM THE BATTER

Unfortunately, I do have one disclaimer: the cookies did not come out as peanut buttery as I would have liked them to. Fear not; I have a solid plan to make these cookies more peanut buttery than ever.

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I Got 99 Problems but a Twix Ain’t One

I’ve been really partial to Jay-Z on this blog so far, but I’m kind of okay with that. Just like I’m kind of okay with the obscene amount of this amazing dessert that I’ve eaten in the past week.


Do you like chocolate? Do you like caramel? If you answered yes to both of these questions, I’ve got a dessert for you. If you answered no to both of these questions, we can’t be friends (kidding, but not). Introducing…. Twix brownie bars! I made these last weekend for my brother’s birthday because Twix is his favorite candy, and they did not disappoint. These brownie bars are REALLY, REALLY GOOD and I know because I ate about half of them myself. Instead of using actual Twix bars to make them, you recreate the layers yourself with this semi-from-scratch recipe.

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This Cake Ain’t Loyal

This cake, ohhhhh this cake. For me and this cake, it was love at first sight. Layers of rich chocolate cake, toasted marshmallow filling, and chocolate frosting. When I first came across the Brown Eyed Baker recipe on Pinterest, I actually day dreamed about it for a week. With the Jewish holidays coming up, I even had the perfect occasion to make it for. Then came the first bump in my relationship with this cake. Fellow bakers, maybe you have already learned this – never, ever tell people how much butter/cream/fattening deliciousness is in your desserts. I stupidly mentioned to my boyfriend that this cake involves six sticks of butter, and suddenly he was Mr. Healthy, telling me I absolutely could not bring this cake to his parents’ house for the holidays. So I set out on a mission to improvise/modify and cut down on the amount of butter.

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Chocolate Like It’s Hot

I must have seen this recipe on Pinterest way over a year ago and I had been dying to try it ever since, but I never felt like there was an appropriate opportunity for me to bake these Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies. I obviously could have baked them just for fun, but, as previously mentioned, I try really hard not to bake unless I have somewhere to bring the goods. Right now, for instance, I am struggling with a really strong urge to bake this “Perfected Yellow Cake.” I have no immediate occasion to bake it for but I’m sure I won’t be able to hold out for long, so look for it in an upcoming post. Spicy Chocolate Cookies - STARTED FROM THE BATTER Anyway, I finally had the PERFECT opportunity to bake these Spicy Chocolate Cookies. A few weeks ago my parents decided to throw a summer fiesta (aka Mexican themed party) and my mind immediately went to these cookies. IMG_4114 Continue reading