It’s Going Down for Cereal

I love cereal – any and every kind. As far back as I can remember, I hardly ever ate anything else for breakfast. In the morning before school I could easily wolf down two huge bowls of Life, Rice Krispies, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, Cheerios, Froot Loops, you name it. My cereal addiction didn’t stop when I got to college but I just couldn’t manage to get myself to the dining hall before my 9am classes. Easy solution – keep cereal and milk in my dorm room. Big problem – cereal at the campus convenience store was obscenely expensive and I was going through over a box a week. Finally, parents’ weekend rolled around some time in October and my parents took me to Costco to stock up. We brought back somewhere between 15-20 boxes of cereal to my dorm room and then realized that, oh yeah, dorm rooms are TINY. My roommate happened to be gone for the weekend and she came back Sunday night to a room packed with cereal boxes in every nook and cranny. I’m not kidding; there were boxes under my bed, stacked up in the back of the closet, behind the TV, between my desk and my dresser, and god knows where else.

Lucky Charms Cereal Milk Ice Cream Pie - STARTED FROM THE BATTER

I have NEVER needed an excuse to eat cereal at any time of day, but in case you do, I can’t think of a better reason to eat cereal for dessert than Lucky Charms Cereal Milk Ice Cream Pie.

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This the Type of Pie to Make the Hood Go Crazy

Guess who’s back, back again… So I haven’t blogged in a ridiculously long time and I really have no excuse, especially since it’s not like I’ve stopped making amazing desserts whenever I get the chance. If you follow me on Instagram (follow me on Instagram! @startedfromthebatter), you know that I’ve made some baller cakes in the past few months and also, this INSANE Peanut Butter Ice Cream Oreo Pie. I made it for the first time in mid-May and since then I’ve made it three more times. I’ve never made the same thing so often in such a short period of time and I’ve also never gotten as many compliments as I have on this dessert. Let me break it down for you: Oreo pie crust, homemade peanut butter ice cream (easy and you don’t need an ice cream maker), layered with hot fudge and Oreos. It’s peanut butter and Oreo overload and I swear if you make it you will not regret it.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Oreo Pie - STARTED FROM THE BATTER

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Pool Full of Frosting, Then You Dive In

For me, buttercream frosting is one of the little things that makes life worth living. Butter, sugar, cream, and vanilla extract combine to make something magical. It might sound ridiculous but this frosting is so tasty and so fun, and it really allows me to be creative in my baking endeavors. Although this recipe is for plain vanilla buttercream (incredible as is), there are infinite ways you can put your own special touch on this frosting. In the past I’ve flavored it with Oreos, Nutella, and peanut butter (photo below). You can also use flavored extracts to make it almost any other flavor you choose (some of my future plans include peppermint extract).

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting - Started from the Batter

Another thing I love about this frosting is that it holds its shape really nicely, making it perfect for adventurous piping and decorating. You don’t even need to be a skilled baker to master this recipe, and once you do, just imagine all of the possibilities!

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Fall So Hard

PSA: If you’re looking for a winning Thanksgiving dessert, THIS IS IT. 

I’m back, after a month and a half hiatus. Although I’ve baked a handful of times in the past few weeks, I didn’t think any of it was really blog-worthy. WELL, let me present to you a truly blog-worthy recipe. It’s called Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake and it will change your life (or at least your Thanksgiving).

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake - STARTED FROM THE BATTER

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Can I Get An Encore, Do You Want S’mores?

Rice Krispy Treats + S’mores = mmmmmmm

S'mores Rice Krispy Treats - Started From The Batter

Rice Krispy Treats are very underrated. S’mores are very delicious. Put them together and YUM. Seriously, these S’mores Rice Krispy Treats were just so good. They’re sweet but not too sweet, chewy but not too chewy, and have just the right amount of chocolate and graham cracker mixed in. They look incredible and taste incredible and I’ve already gotten a request to make them again for an upcoming family event. Also, they are REALLY hard to mess up, which is always nice. Clearly, I am smitten by these S’mores Rice Krispy Treats. Continue reading

Popsicle, Lock & Drop It


At first I thought I didn’t have much of a story for this recipe, but then I remembered what happened the first time I made these yummy margarita popsicles. It was a hot summer day, and after spending an hour hand-juicing some limes, I went outside to relax by the pool. Fast forward two days and I woke up with red splotchy spots all over both of my hands. At first I thought it was a sunburn because it looked and felt exactly like one, but I did think it seemed unlikely that I would’ve only gotten burnt on my hands. The next day, the splotchy spots had become raised and bumpy, and I will spare you the rest of the graphic details but just imagine that it got progressively worse. After a trip to the dermatologist I found out that I had phytophotodermatitis, also known as “lime disease” or “margarita dermatitis” (thanks Wikipedia). Apparently there’s a reaction caused by lime juice and a few other substances that makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light, and essentially causes chemical burns (thanks again, Wikipedia). There’s not much you can do for it except apply steroid cream and wait for it to go away on its own. Luckily what I had wasn’t that bad, but it still took about 6-8 months before my hands looked totally normal again. So, heed my warning and be very careful, wash your hands, or just do not go out in the sun after making these! And now, on to the pops. Continue reading