If I could choose anything to eat for my last meal, it would be a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Yeah, the whole thing. If you’re picturing that scene from Matilda, that’s probably pretty accurate. I spend my free time daydreaming about baked goods and searching cake recipes on Pinterest. There are few ways I would rather spend my Saturday than whipping up a batch of s’mores cupcakes, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or Nutella brownies, or…. So yeah, I think you get the point.

The only thing I love more than eating dessert is sharing my love for dessert with others. I started a blog for the purpose of sharing some of my favorite recipes with the world. It also gave me an outlet to talk endlessly about dessert, and share lots of pictures of delicious food! The blog was going strong for a while but eventually I got burnt out of photographing the baking process and coming up with clever blog post titles. I’m still as obsessed as ever with eating/talking about/making dessert, just not so much the blogging part (although I might continue to blog once in a while).

So, on to my next venture: a custom order baking business!

I have begun taking orders and would love to help make your next event, celebration, or average weeknight a little bit sweeter! Email me at startedfromthebatter@gmail.com to inquire about custom orders and prices. I can bake ((almost)) anything that you can dream up! PLEASE NOTE: I am located in NYC and I’m currently only taking local orders, no shipping.

P.S. I love rap music.

Disclaimer: All recipes on Started From The Batter are sourced from other blogs/websites unless otherwise noted. I give credit and include links to the sources of my recipes.


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